Big Belly Animals

Big Belly is a series of Patterns intended for you to use up those precious quilts that are too old or worn to use everyday.  These patterns give them a new life, as adorable bears and elephants to delight anyone at any age.

Quilt Patterns

TheseTwo Patterns are my newest to the Rusty Crow Line Up.  

What's New?

Big Belly Bear   Big Belly Elephant

Big Belly Bear & Big Belly Elephant are our 2 of our newest Patterns.  These patterns are a great way to use that old quilt that you can't quite let go of.  Each pattern comes in two sizes, so depending on how much of a quilt you have left or how many animals you want to make out to the quilt you can. 

Newest Quilt Patterns

Courting Stars   Link-A-Dink

These are the newest quilt Patterns from Rusty Crow Quilt Shop.  I designed these with our guys in mind. I hope that you enjoy them, as much as I had creating them.